Breaking News ISON Update – Is NASA Lying About ISONS Flyby Of Mars 08-29-2013

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NASA could be lying about the date of ISONS Mars flyby, Why? There’s been talk of impact talk of ISON not being a comet, I myself have said it looks like a c…
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  1. James Trevino says:

    Or a comet behind it? Also, does anyone know if will pass thru the kiper belt before it passes the sun?

  2. James Trevino says:

    Man, I’m so confused…first I notice they are showing, Deep Impact, Melancholia and 444 everyday on TV. Also, all the sinkholes, crazy sounds, government exercises scheduled etc… But on the other hand I read the WHOLE article about Halebopp on the wiki and they were basically claiming the same info. Nibiru, Planet X , a UFO instead a comet or a c

  3. Cathy Edwards says:

    The Oct 1 date is likely their early alert date for the Elites who have underground bunker reservations to make their way there! Thanks for the heads up!

  4. Dick Holman says:

    You can do the maths yourself, with some observations of the comet & Newton’s equations. It’s a classic 2-body problem. Your local amateur astro group will be the best place to find out more.

  5. paradigm74 says:

    Haha you paid for shill. Also, the 1rst? What a complete and utter retard you are. Either use 1st, first but not 1rst. Did you actually go to school and college? OBVIOUSLY NOT. Bellend.

  6. kevin sarno says:

    some people are just so scared that their small credit card world could possibly crumble.If it’s not ison it could be ww3. I suggest everyone assess their loved ones and pay attention to the world news as well. I hope all this crap is bull cause im not looking forward to either possibility.

  7. TalentedAmateur says:

    I was asking Hallyscomet why he was telling me Stellarium was not proof of anything…he seemed to miss my point, which was that if a debunker is attacking you, then you might be too close to the truth.

  8. Brett Skjonnemand says:

    Well said Robyn, agree totally.

  9. TheEnkite40 says:

    I am perplexed by these people who come in and all they want to do is cuss, call you names, and such…saying that we are FEARMONGERS. My question is….why are they watching these videos in the first place?? If they don’t like what they watch….well……DON’T!!! They fail to realize…that what we say is only a THEORY! If that is wrong…the ALL scientists (especially quantum physics), astronomers, etc. are all wrong!

  10. Robyn Knowles says:

    First why would the guy lie about it, what does he have to gain from it?
    Second if you want people to listen to you, starting with an insult is not the best way. It discredits everything else your about to say. So whose the real idiot here? I guess common sense it not that common.

  11. DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

    my bad I replied to the wrong comment thought I was replying to the guy accusing me of hacking stellarium

  12. TalentedAmateur says:

    And you’re telling me this why? I don’t recall saying anything about stellarium being proof of anything, I made a comment about the ridiculousness of DarkSkyWatcher hacking the site.

  13. halleyscomet says:

    The simple fact is that Stellarium lacks the precision for any “evidence” it produces to be anything other than a curiosity. Stellarium models prove nothing.

  14. halleyscomet says:

    “The Van Ellen(sic) radiation belt is still where its always been, and we still cant go through it”.

    Actually, the trip through the belt was so brief that the shielding that existed at the time was sufficient to protect the astronauts. The astronauts probably got more radiation from X-Rays during their training than they did from the trip through the Van Allen belt.

  15. Why the fuck would they start telling the truth about anything ,they never have and never will. Its just astonishing they still lie about going to the moon.The Van Ellen radiation belt is still where its always been, and we still cant go through it. I dont think they even give a fuck that we know there lying

  16. SuperJames215 says:

    if it does not hit mars it might hit one of its moons and probably phobos that has being hit a few times in the pass

  17. DarkSkyWatcher74 says:

    If you don’t have haters your not doing it right! I guess I’m doing it right!

  18. Eddie Jackson says:

    I remember way back when a meteo hit Jupiter but nasa was slow about comeing forward about it-even if a huge catastrophy was going to hit earth in the next hundred years we’d be the last to know about it lol

  19. TalentedAmateur says:

    The fact that a debunker is making such an insane accusation as you hacking stellarium, might mean you’re onto something.

  20. scott plowright says:

    comet C/2013 A1 (Siding Spring) is also possibly going to hit mars on oct 19!

  21. EnergyInventor says:

    I never got hyped or was concerned about Elenin. As for the 2012 thing, I knew the world wasn’t going to end. My belief tells me otherwise. I never said anything about doom but they’re preparing for something. I said they’re not providing all the information. And as for Elenin, they had eyes on it nearly everyday & people could watch it. That is not the case here. I agree on the scientists but I do find it odd they’re the ones who were working on specific project died as well as their partners.

  22. Jeffrey Simmons says:

    Obviously the original data did not include any other cometary interactions with planets and tail drag etc, that would affect the comet’s transition, speed and duration through our system. How far away would it be to earth when it passes our orbital distance, then mercury?? Please make another video thanks, showing the entire path, including late Dec.. The size of the nucleus will determine the amount of charge its carrying and will dictate the electrical interaction it will have with mars.

  23. Jeffrey Simmons says:

    Hey, do you estimate a distance between the comet and mars with your animation?

    I did have a hunch that the acceleration of the comet through the inner solar system has been exaggerated, therefore slowing the motion of the planets down too greatly in retrospect, the consequence would indeed indicate that it will bypass earth at a closer distance, 17 days is rather a big difference at such a late stage of development. Please show earth’s position on the 17th. thanks.

  24. Maybe you’re right, but then again maybe they shut down the space system so you can’t see it’s not going to be a problem, and they’ll just throw a nuke on you instead and blame it on ISON, who’s to know….

  25. Shasheana S. Shivanytyria says:

    NO ONE CAN PREDICT how the sun will affect it