Don Omar – Zumba (JF Club Mix) #VideoRemixDJFuentes

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Don Omar - Zumba (JF Club Mix) #VideoRemixDJFuentes

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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Tracklist: • 1 – One-Direction-Live-While-Wen-39-re-Young-(Jump-Smokers-Remix) • 2 – One-Direction-What-Makes-You-Beautiful-(-Dave Audé-Pop-Rhythmic-Extend…
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. Edgar Fletes says:

    buen sonido lo malo que le das mucho intro corta un poco saludos

  2. cristian vasquez agurto says:

    esto si que un extended………comienzo y final ……… te felicito men

  3. Chris Galin says:

    Que Rola Asta Que La Pude Encontrar

  4. julian antonio martin contreras says:


  5. Beto Souza says:

    Big Shout out for Macau SAR 
    Love it so so much

  6. victor mejia says:

    great… it…..

  7. Marcelo Rojas says:

    felicitaciones, exelente TRABAJO, y un buen aporte.-

    saludos desde CHILE-

  8. Otwill Delgado Dorante says:

    Muy bueno men Excelente trabajo DJ!

  9. djprohernandez says:

    Muy bueno, saludos

  10. Felipe Acevedo says:


  11. ARTURO KIERNAN says:

    muy bueno 😉

  12. carlos alejandro sanchez gonzalez says:

    como siempre lo mejor gracias bro


    excelente . . .bendiciones hermano

  14. Saludos DJ exelente como siempre, gracias por compartir…

  15. Wow, awesome! Love listening to this remix.

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  17. paramon yolaine says:


  18. Lilian Janssen says:

    I love it 3

  19. Beth Smith says:

    Holy crap the first one when it broke into that awesome dance section asdfghjll

  20. xMagic.Mystic* says:

    ~ and if you u u, you want me to o o <3

  21. Diana OneD says:

    It’s PER-FECT

  22. Caami Felder says:


  23. All your 1D songs remix are all FAKE. . . Copyright mo lng Yn ee pinagsama mo lng unlike. . .

  24. Sheva Green says:

    Love this!

  25. Chloe Davies says:

    Lol lots of love. Im 8 year old♥

  26. Omg!!!!! This is what I am listening to like 24/7 <3

  27. OMFG this is perfect ♥ Ü :*

  28. Chloe Styhorpaylikson says:


  29. Baby Styles. says:

    Mon moment préféré 4:54

  30. Dorina Nagy says:

    Ez nagyooooon jóó!! *.*

  31. Styles Ellen says:

    Hey you don’t know me but I really like so maybe you could make a birthday mash up cause I’m getting nothing this year so maybe you could do that not just for me everyone out there!!!!

  32. Beatrice Solitario says:

    I heard someone saying ‘Jump Smokers’ at 1:04, which is also someone who made a Best Song Ever remix which is on their EP.

  33. jacquiramos12 says:

    I wish the boys would listen to this they would LOVE IT

  34. jacquiramos12 says:

    Love it

  35. nessa style says:

    this song is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. veronica nordkvist says:


  37. The Sweet Girls says:

    It’s per-fect!!

  38. Cecii Bones says:

    It’s so per-fect x3 I love it so much and if you had it on Tumblr give me the link and send it to @So_Cuttie on Twitter

  39. paulchenkje says: