January 2014 Breaking News Fallen Angels New World Order UFO’s last days end times news update

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January 2014 Breaking News Fallen Angels New World Order UFO’s last days end times news update January 2014 Breaking News UFO’s ET Extraterrestrial Alien Nep…
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Breaking News UFO Sightings Bermuda Triangle Area. Is this what happened to Flight 19? Please note sound has been altered to protect the source. Don’t get le…


  1. George Martin says:

    THERE IS NO god, jesus…. the bible is just mans best money generator in
    history.. period

  2. Sickayda Mars says:

    God is calling his people to him, there are those that have been called
    forth to help the living dead go to heaven, there is a rip in the veil.
    Dispensation has been called, did you not hear the horn, I am one that has
    been called to help the living dead go to heaven. Peter is coming, God is
    powerful, omniscient, love. his people are closer, hope is in his people,
    so don’t be afraid of what i speak. God is moving, bringing his people up
    in all languages. Satan is here, God is ready to do it, tell his people
    warning! Focus! Ask who has risen! Matthew 7:7 will help you see Jesus in
    their sight, be careful, there are demons by the gate keeper, fighting us
    in the spirit, Tell them, Holy is God in the most high!

  3. Jerry Switzer says:

    Look people …like it or not ..this video tells it how it is ..I believe
    it is truth….

  4. Not sure if I agree about the existence of a “New World Order” and its
    associated plots, however, the scriptural admonition you give regarding
    contacting the dead, new age, etc is extremely spot on! So many are
    deceived by either those that truly carry on spiritism or those like David
    Icke who “channel” other beings perhaps more so being a fraud. I will
    subscribe as you have such great information in this video.

  5. mikeshots200 says:

    I never knew Zach Galifianakis was a minister.

  6. Jerry Switzer says:

    Real good…Download this…share it…

  7. Lord have mercy on me

  8. Michael Schaller says:

    for two years ive been wondering why many of the speakers on youtube fail
    to give christ any credit basically for anything. three years ago david
    wilcock at least acknowledged jesus for his own blessings. yet now jesus
    is rarely mentioned and even seems like david is trying to avoid him.
    it is very refreshing to hear your testimony and how you are steadfast in
    christ. i have a personal question , do you believe there is anything

  9. Joe Braddock says:

    Glad I found this , thank you 


  11. I hate the music on this video. Why we need the music???

    Obama, despite all his TV comments, is the epitome of Orwell’s “BIG
    He slaps the NSA on the wrist, but allows them to continue spying on
    Actually, Obama is just the “face man” for the REAL powers “behind the
    When he has served his purpose, he will be cast aside like a disposable

  13. I should start up my own church and put your stuff up as the teachings,
    thank you so much for your you tube videos, they are so en lighting and
    refreshing, my church suffers to do that, so I pray at home and feel alone,
    but with you clips I feel like I have felt the Lord. God Bless you, Amen

  14. There are a lot of videos made with this guys voice. It’s most likely the
    same people. Most of their videos are about 14min or 36min or 2.5 hours
    long and the titles are in CAPS and always sound informative, but the
    video’s always turn to strange beliefs (like Atlantis, etc.)

    Three key characteristics of these deceptive videos are:

    1. They always open at least one Pandora’s box (ie. Atlantis) trying to
    tantalize you and subconsciously setting the stage for you to be more open
    to suggestion

    2. They all offer information which matches with most popular theory about
    the NWO, Illuminati, etc. in the beginning, but then they start throwing in
    none-sense about aliens, Atlantis, etc. in small doses, to keep you
    interested, until the end of the video, where no real logistical solutions
    are offered to what is happening NOW
    3. They never offer any real, logistical solution (ie. WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT
    ALL) they tell you to believe in something good or Jesus and “everything
    will be ok”,,,

    Watch for them all.. and make sure you ignore them all! Use your brain,
    research how banking works, how military institutions operate, how politics
    works, etc. That’s where you will find the REAL “Breaking News!”

  15. I rebuke Satan! NO NEW WORLD ORDER! I WILL FIGHT!

  16. Melissa Leveque says:

    Do you have copies of this on DVD? I would like to pass this video out to
    everyone that I know as a witnessing tool to the deceived masses. Please
    email me and let me know. thanx and God Bless you for your work.

  17. Darryl Larson says:

    Well I’m a children of light and have explored all of the phenomenon
    studies of Enoch etc. I for in fact have found that even during the death
    process.. if someone calls out to Jesus.

  18. Abraham Canche says:

    God bless you all!!:D

  19. Javien Moses says:

    @10:40, whether anyone chooses to believe it or not, that is a manifested

  20. This channel I call it channel of Satan

  21. you are wrong the name jesus came from the name Iesus, pope leo x in the
    16ty century drop the i and put a j he was not latinzed greek he is hebrew
    His name is Yahshua the Father name is YAHWEH in Hebrews 1:4 Being made so
    much better than the angels, as he hath by { inheritance } obtained a more
    excellent name than they. the name of the means YAH-saves think about it

  22. SuperSharp16 says:

    Awesome truth


  23. Do not believe this narrtor in the video, he is trying to decive all of

  24. this is good……..

  25. Sorry to say that, this narrtor and his wisdom I think pretty sure coming
    fro his a s s

  26. NDestinationUnknown says:

    Breaking News UFO Sightings Bermuda Triangle Area

  27. iSolarXgaming says:

    its a plane most likely military 

  28. Mekaeel Angel says:

    Awesome ! This UFO is carring a Solstice whale ..

  29. Is that real?

  30. That’s crazy…

  31. Hologram 

  32. Elizabeth Coats says:

    I would love to know if the plane and occupants made it to their
    destination? Also, was the pilot aware of the object above?

  33. its a new magnet being tested to fly planes without fuel .

  34. AnimalsCatsDogs says:


  35. WeightLossLifestyle says:


  36. UFOExpertMaster says:

    Awesome footage thanks for sharing

  37. Wow!!! That’s the craziest video I’ve ever seen here on NDU!! Thanks for

  38. seems legit