new eritrean music 2013 by meron tsegay israeal emenni welelay

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new eritrean music 2013 by meron tsegay israeal emenni welelay

by meron tsegay.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Willow Smith - Summer Fling (Official Music Video)



  1. hezzron2012 says:

    nai bhaki nice song

  2. desbele woldemariam says:

    keff alewa za song

  3. naybehaki zelalem says:

    clip geyrka shwaye dmtska mearary abilka zerghaya

  4. Semebelnio Awea Awet says:

    Kef Alka Habibi :)

  5. abrahale1001 says:

    meron fantastic music good job i lke is song likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  6. amal mansor says:

    i love the song

  7. It’s very good music meri and I like it

  8. Kesete Tesfazghi says:

    Hey Meron its a nice song .Its make me cry and remmeber my life so that I very happy, go ahead ,be strong and make history!!!!

  9. Roma Beshir says:

    hey meron, you have nice song and amazing voice. i love the lyric and its makes me feel think to remember someone. i repattly listen to your lyrics.

  10. jacktheboy10 says:

    i am happy for this song keep it up bro <3<3<3

  11. jacktheboy10 says:

    behahi temti derfi zhawey keep it up <3<3<3

  12. tesfahiwet kibreab says:

    Nay bahaki tsebkti zeman gitman ketselo eka

  13. Alexsander Tumzghi says:

    wow nice song & nice voice men keep it up bro.

  14. bereket gaeshum says:

    fantastic song meron I like it espeshali the last melody they make mee cry you have nice vois countin you your jiob go head ,gele tezarebti si kimsulu kelowu gele bimay gele kia saenmay yiblu da neberu silezi mesilka entay amxeka endi you mis kieletika mis meyaka hshkayo ayti,mut bertieka sirhalu kitewet eka ab alem kilu you zinebir wihdat gin neza alem zey mewit sirh gerom yihalfu sirhom gin nizelalem tezekari bieeu ka nizelalem yizikeru silezi ka nisika bezi tibebika gerka hadgi gidef ok.

  15. Denait Gebretsadik says:

    nice song meron hawey keep it up <3 <3 <3

  16. Nice song keep it up

  17. Great job with nice voice and good looks keep it up

  18. Brawins Top says:

    this one good song
    I love it

  19. michael tesfom says:

    I love this song 333

  20. asmir keshi says:

    waww nice song <3<3<3<3

  21. habtome AWALOM says:

    you r great keep it

  22. luluarsenal luwam says:

    wowwwww very nice song habibi qexilo aytihimeq

  23. joni downer says:

    Stupid song

  24. Brown Jefferson says:

    she a cutie and I like this song

  25. chante Whisonant says:

    Try’n to be Rihanna -_-……

  26. Jacqueline Crystal says:

    I like the song, but I think the lyrics and video is a bit too grown for her. I think the song is fit for Rihanna. o; And I dont like the hair.____. But the song is good.

  27. Gabby Gibson says:

    Actually she shaved her whole head late 2012 or early 2013. It is a wig

  28. Gabby Gibson says:

    Far from dope

  29. tron zhivago says:

    acting like this isnt flames.. just take it as it is who cares if shes 12

  30. msbryant2424 says:

    I like the song. But kind of odd coming from a 12 yr old.

  31. jointscracker says:

    I was wondering that too, it’s so annoying

  32. jointscracker says:


  33. TheKeelyCastro says:

    shes 12 lmfao

  34. Sponge Gamer says:

    I didn,t know willow was flat like a pancake

  35. LeMagicalMe says:

    What’s with the British accent? And everyone there is like 10 years older than her.

  36. She needs to go live with her uncle and aunty in bel air

  37. This guys like 30 thoe…..

  38. Annaluvsdasims2and3 says:

    Michelle is right. She is way to young to be making videos about topics like these. No 12 year old can relate to that. She is growing up way too fast. All those people in the video looked like 4 years older, and those outfits she was wearing made her look like jail bait. Obviously everyone’s gonna notice her and whats growing. I’m 15 and I can tell you. Even if I was to make a song now, It would not be about that. Because i’m way to young to be talking about summer love and flings. And so is she

  39. alejandra talamantes says:

    I love you willow :*

  40. Rian White says:

    Her weave horrible

  41. Margie Cattouse says:

    Well these lyrics would not hold true for many 12yr olders “We walk the beach at midnight, and watch the stars in the clear skies. We both say I love you, but it’s alright… If you wanna talk I guess that’s alright, if you wanna walk under the night sky, I don’t really care cause we got tonight ,oh baby…” At midnight MOST 12yr olders I know are in the house or out with family.

  42. Alexandra Jay says:

    She’s talking about puppy love. Not sex. Relax people.

  43. Alexis Phidd says:

    I just don’t know

  44. Ashyrah Kimora says:

    I love this song and I love the fact that Willow don’t mind the critic’s an continues to be her self. #SummerFling

  45. sthompson52813 says:

    Moses arias in dis

  46. Instucablanator says:

    decent song, but the video ruins it

  47. Karis Watling says:

    and whats with the british accent?