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Jason D. Greenblatt

Former White House MidEast Envoy; 1 of Chief Architects of President Trump's Peace Vision; Still trying to bring peace/better lives to region.

Abraham Accords: A Tool for Progress

Abraham Accords: A Tool for Progress As diplomatic agreements go, the Abraham Accords, in which I played a part as Special Representative for International Relations...

Latest news

McDonald’s-owned stores increase workers’ pay

Various large companies have announces raises for their workers recently, including McDonald's, Chipotle, Oliver Garden, Amazon and Costco. The McDonald's wage increases will apply...

Amazon hiring 75,000, those vaccinated get $100

Amazon continues to grow even bigger, ramping up hiring with 75,000 new employees in preparation for Prime Day next month. It's become one of...

Big operating loss for Alibaba after fine

The Chinese technology firm Alibaba suffered an operating loss for the first time after going public in 2014. It may be due to a...

Fox News giving shows to Bongino, Gowdy

Two very popular conservatives are getting their own shows on Fox News. Commentator Dan Bongino, who is already a frequent guest, will host a...

New social justice award named after Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

The NBA has created a new award named after one of its stars, the Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Social Justice Champion Award. It will be given...
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