Our Mission

Newslooks is a fresh face in national media in the US.

Our mission is different.

We are not here to tell the news in a partisan way, but to analyze it and reveal what underlies it and to reconstitute the trust we have lost in each other due to political differences.

Contributors to Newslooks are Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, all presenting their perspectives on the same platform.

Newslooks brings the news of the world not just from the American perspective, but also as it is seen in China, France, Yemen, India, and throughout the world.

The time is right to return to media as it should be, to focus on our values and to be honest with ourselves and with each other, to respect each other’s views without necessarily agreeing on everything, to seek the truth by airing our differences and finding common ground.

We are looking to regain your trust after so many have retreated from a crowded field of vying, biased, and contradictory ideas.

We are a platform for polychromatic perspective.

The Newslooks Team