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Between Iran and Israel, with Amir Tibone from Haaretz

Between Iran and Israel, with Amir Tibone from Haaretz

Between Iran and Israel, with Amir Tibone from Haaretz

Some see Iran’s return to the negotiating table as a green light for the Islamic Republic to gain more time to develop nuclear weapons

  In light of the American desire to follow the path of negotiation, others believe that some regional powers may have to adjust their policies toward Iran

Has Israel accepted the possibility of a nuclear Iran, or does Tel Aviv have other alternatives?

We do not find immediate answers in the daily news to many questions, but we certainly believe that the region is in a state of suspicious anticipation.

The Israeli side has not decided its alternative options, despite the fact that the option of force does not seem likely. At the same time, Iran does not seem to be in a hurry, as betting on time serves it interests more than others.

But the Islamic Republic’s reliance on its proxy-cells deployed in the region may be its most lucrative card, as there is no longer anything in the region that prevents Iran from imposing itself as a regional power.

The most optimistic views do not see an alternative to two options, either military confrontation or acceptance of a new Middle Eastern reality.

  • Iran in Yemen, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, to what extent can it be said that Iranian expansion in the region has become an inescapable reality?
  • For decades, the United States has not succeeded in curbing Iran’s ambitions through economic sanctions. Why?
  • There has been a lot of talk recently about a Gulf-Iranian rapprochement. To what extent might this rapprochement harm Israel’s security?
  • Iranian threats to Israel are a fact that Iran itself does not hide. Does Israel have alternatives other than military force? This is if the military alternative has already been ruled out.
  • Where does Hezbollah fall into the Israeli security equation? Do you expect that the difficult economic and social situation in Lebanon will lead to a decline in the role of Hezbollah?
  • What is your assessment of the relationship between the Biden administration and Israel?

To answer these questions, Newslooks is pleased to host in “OUR GUEST” for this week, from Tel Aviv, Amir Tibbon, US News Editor, with Haaretz Newspaper


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