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Biden Adopts A Divisive Attack On One-Half Of Americans

Biden Adopts A Divisive Attack On One-Half Of Americans

Biden Adopts A Divisive Attack On One-Half Of Americans

A week has passed since President Joe Biden traveled to Philadelphia’s Independence Hall to deliver a speech that was advertised as being about the heart and soul of America and our nation’s commitment to democracy.  But it turned out to be an historically divisive attack on approximately one-half of the American population.  In the speech, Biden’s angry tone highlighted the speech’s content that essentially labeled his political opponents as “enemies” of America.

Presidents often give speeches where they try to rally the nation to support their agenda or to unite the nation against an actual enemy. For example, Franklin Roosevelt rallied the nation against the Axis powers during World War II.  Ronald Reagan rallied America to win the Cold War.  George W. Bush rallied America against the threat of terrorism after the attack on September 11, 2001.  But they didn’t speak of their countrymen as “the enemy” of the nation. 

This isn’t Biden’s first foray into attacking his fellow countrymen. In 2011, as the Vice President, he referred to Republicans in Congress as “terrorists.”  In 2012, he told a crowd in Virginia that included a large number of black voters that Republicans were “gonna put y’all back in chains.”  And this year, he compared Republicans — who opposed his legislative agenda — to segregationist George Wallace, and Bull Connor who unleashed attack dogs and fire hoses on civil rights protestors.  Interestingly, these men were, like Biden, Democrats.  But that irony escaped Biden. 

In addition to being highly divisive, Biden used two US Marines as political props for his speech in violation of the law which requires that the military is apolitical. One college professor defended Biden’s use of the Marines by claiming that Lincoln’s Gettysburg address had military there. But evidently that professor is profoundly stupid because you don’t need a Phd to know that Lincoln’s address was to honor the war dead at Gettysburg. He wasn’t there to attack his countrymen. I’m not the only person who noticed the misuse of the military during an obviously divisive campaign speech — even a CNN anchor commented on how inappropriate it was.*

Joe Biden has a problem. There is an election in 2 months and he is historically unpopular and the vast majority of Americans see the country as “on the wrong track.” 

Biden’s fall from grace became rather obvious after his debacle in Afghanistan in August 2021. But it doesn’t stop there. He has spent much of his presidency promoting the Green New Deal when polls show that virtually no one sees it as a top issue given our nation’s other problems.**

He’s done absolutely nothing on the issues most Americans see as the most important.  Violent crime is spiraling out of control after he or his party and his allies have worked to elect soft on crime prosecutors, have abolished bail so that violent criminals are back on the streets immediately after their arrest, and argued for defunding the police in the wake of the riots that raged most of the summer of 2020. 

The economy is stagnating and we are in recession and have historic inflation, but Biden wants higher taxes, a more aggressive IRS, and ever more deficit spending. None of that helps our current economic woes. 

With the border crisis and the fentanyl catastrophe, Biden is the cause of the crises and absolutely refuses to do anything to provide real solutions. 

With historically high energy prices, Biden continues to ineffectually plead with OPEC to pump more oil, but he won’t unleash American energy or allow American pipelines to solve the problem. 

Given the coming election, Biden has a choice to make — either start fixing the problems that he and his policies have caused and contributed to, or change the subject.  His Philadelphia speech is proof that he opted for the latter — attacking Americans who see him and his failed presidency as the problem. He hopes this will distract people from his obvious failures. 

The White House has somehow managed to keep a straight face while maintaining that the speech was not divisive, and that it was intended to unify the nation.  It would be easier for his press secretary to stand in the pouring rain and get completely soaked while maintaining that the weather is beautiful and perfect for a picnic. 

Politicians often attack their opponents or rivals, but it is rare for politicians to attack the supporters of their rivals. Often those who opposed Biden’s predecessor claimed that he was too divisive. But Biden is now the divider-in-chief.  So we will learn in November if Biden’s supporters were being honest when just two years ago they objected to his predecessor’s “divisive” rhetoric. 

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