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Fascism, Do we Have to Find a New Word to Replace it? 


Fascism, Do we Have to Find a New Word to Replace it?  \ Newslooks.com \ Washington DC \ Opinion The standing ovation in the Canadian parliament will remain a chilling yet poignant moment in the 21st century and without a shadow of doubt the worst foreign policy initiative the country has ever taken. It makes previous gaffes like Justin Trudeau blackening up, or the photo in 1992 of Canadian soldiers holding a Somali combatant over a huge fire look like trivial tea party incidents in comparison. Perhaps we should have not expected more from Trudeau than an apology on behalf of the speaker who is believed to have organized the standing ovation of a Nazi Waffen SS officer who he believed would be revered publicly for merely fighting the Russians in WWII.  

But the incident should be noted not for what it did – create a public outcry largely on social media which incumbent mainstream media followed – but more for what it didn’t do: it hasn’t stirred a debate about the present day war in Ukraine and how Nazis there are running the show with western money. There is a deficit in the reporting from mainstream media as bosses in the UK and US simply want to bypass the subject entirely as it awkwardly clashes with the juvenile, over simplified and erroneous narrative that the West is the victim and is therefore entitled to play dirty, break rules and lie and cheat – while Russia is simply the aggressor with no nuance or explanation needed. Box ticked. That’s how we like our news in the west. Simple, dumbed down and shaped towards our own blinded dogma and ignorance.

I’m actually old enough to remember when the truth was the only really important tenet of reporting. It was king and ruled above everything else. But even in the mid 90s, when covering the war in the former Yugoslavia, we saw how the erosion began with the fake reporting which portrayed the Serbs in exactly the same way as Russia is being presented today.

The truth is that we in the west do not and have never actually decried or stood against fascism as a political entity. When you examine how totalitarian western countries are becoming in how they handle the last dregs of a free press or any kind of narrative which questions what is being fed every day, then you see countries like the UK not as champions of democracy which crushed fascism in 1945 but as countries which would liked to have adopted a lot of the policies that Hitler ushered in, during his first few weeks in office – in particular shutting down anything which whiffed of free speech and a genuine opposition, politically.

How do British journalists, like the team from Sky News, who recently won an award for reporting there, fail over and over again to report the control that Nazi brigades have not only in the day to day running of the war but also on their grip of Zelensky himself?

The answer perhaps is simply that Sky News journalists are not journalists at all. And that they know that their requirements as pseudo journalists on the ground are to stick to the NATO script and avoid anything feral which veers towards actual facts.

What personally appeals me, is not only how Sky News misreports on a daily basis but how its reporters have just been given awards for essentially doing their job in a war zone. Even the CEO of SKY recently tweeted that his journalists there have been given an award for “coming under fire”. What an utterly idiotic notion and one which is nefarious to boot. Should we give fireman awards for getting hot while putting out fires? Or nurses awards for having to cope with lots of blood on their uniforms? In most of the war zones in was in, I came under fire, either directly or indirectly. To use the pretext of journalists being shot at in a war zone to justify them being given an award is as preposterous as a Waffen SS officer being applauded by those in the West who lost their moral compass decades ago.

This is untruthful, a distraction, a ruse from a darker truth which is that Sky uses local producers, fixers and freelance journalists to get to the stories and make their journalists look vaguely intelligent and informed on camera. But even these people, whose names will not be mentioned even as an acknowledgment by the reporters who won the awards in recent days, are part of the Zelensky propaganda machine, paid for by the US, and very much a ubiquitous player in everything we read and see in the UK press. Even the fake news itself which Sky are proudly crafting each day, is prepared for them by the real experts of fake news.

And we give the journalists awards for this as an incentive for them and others to keep up the god work?

The real story about the Ukraine war is that it is those Nazis which our grandfathers fought – the same Nazis which exterminated millions of Jews, homosexuals and gypsies – who are fighting today in the Ukraine against Russia. But why won’t Sky news report about them and their power? The same reason why Canadian MPs applauded a war criminal who murdered thousands while wearing a Waffen SS uniform. We have reversed our thinking about fascism and have rewritten the prognosis which now reads “we hated Hitler and everything he stood for, even how he made fascism a dirty word”. Shame on the MPs in Canada and western media who did such a poor job reporting on it. And shame on western journalists in Ukraine like Sky News who take their bribes in the form of awards with such pride to carry out their parody of journalism.  

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