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Gaza: Morocco Alarmed Over Violence and Humanitarian Crisis

Gaza: Morocco Alarmed Over Violence and Humanitarian Crisis Newslooks \ Washington DC

Gaza: Quick Read

  • Gaza: Morocco condemns military escalation and humanitarian crisis in Gaza.
  • Moroccan Foreign Ministry highlights civilian suffering and infrastructure damage.
  • Over a million displaced; critical shortages of water, electricity, fuel.
  • Actions deemed contrary to international humanitarian law by Morocco.
  • Disappointment with international inaction, especially from the UN Security Council.
  • Support reaffirmed for Palestinian Authority and President Abbas.
  • Gaza: Urgent calls for ceasefire, humanitarian access, and political talks for a two-state solution.
    As the chair of the Al-Quds Committee, the Kingdom of Morocco, led by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has voiced “great concern and deep indignation” in response to the intensified military actions and the deteriorating humanitarian conditions in the Gaza Strip. This position was articulated by the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates.

The ministry’s press release comes after over three weeks of continuous military confrontations in Gaza. Civilians, including women and children, have borne the brunt of these clashes, resulting in thousands of casualties, with many more injured, displaced, or unaccounted for. The release highlights the bombing of essential infrastructure, including places of worship, hospitals, and refugee camps, with the Jabalya camp being the most recent target.

The indiscriminate bombardment has led to the exodus of over one million people, leaving them without access to water, electricity, and fuel. These actions are exacerbating an already dire humanitarian crisis, as noted by the Moroccan authorities.

Morocco has strongly condemned these escalations by Israel, stating that they stand in stark violation of international humanitarian law and the basic tenets of human decency. The ministry’s statement warns of the conflict’s potential to spread within Palestinian territories and the grave risk it poses to the broader region’s security and stability.

The Moroccan government has expressed profound disappointment with the international community’s inaction, criticizing the UN Security Council for not fulfilling its duties and the failure of influential nations to halt the ongoing tragedy.

In solidarity with the Palestinian National Authority and its leader, President Mahmoud Abbas, Morocco is advocating for immediate de-escalation, a ceasefire, and the establishment of humanitarian corridors for aid delivery. The Kingdom also calls for the release of prisoners and detainees, emphasizing the need to revive political dialogue with a view toward a two-state solution, as internationally recognized.

The Ministry’s release concludes by underlining the urgency of addressing the Palestinian issue through political channels, which is the only path towards achieving lasting peace and security in the region.

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