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How many children must die for Congress to step in?

How many children must die for Congress to step in?

How many children must die for Congress to step in?

There is no more room for crying or wailing, not even any reason to complain, while we are counting the thousands of innocent dead who fall by the bullets of human hunters.
There is no longer time to hear the rhetoric nor any desire to witness political debates on the issue of arms or who is entitled or not to bear arms.
Leave all this aside, and give us one reason, to give to that mother or father who carried his son to school in the morning and received him dead in the evening.
Most public facilities in America go heavily guarded, the White House, Congress, the Pentagon, banks, football stadiums, and hospitals, while we leave schools open to murderers and criminals.
Tell us one reason that prevents us, as the wealthiest and most powerful country in the world, from placing heavy guards on the doors of schools and universities to protect innocent children who have no-fault but that they entered their classrooms to seek knowledge.
Of course, the answers will vary, and the justifications will be numerous. More children, young, and elderly will die while we are looking for an end to our differences over this or that solution.
Some will blame others, and others will blame the legal vacuum while we know and are even sure we cannot agree to a solution that stops this cycle of heinous crimes.
In Congress, groups and coalitions see their political interest in silence most of the time or in meaningless talk, and most likely bet that we will forget, and the days will pass for most of us.
However, it would not be the same for that mother who lost her only child.
Gentlemen, we are watching a movie of a bitter and unjustified street war, a war that does not happen even in the least educated and poorest countries.
Do we know why?
Because we are a country that has reached the extremes of absurdity, we are proud of our missiles and that we are discovering space, we are also proud of our athletes, artists, and democracy, and we aspire to continue to lead the world. Yet our rulers are unable to sit at a round table and do not leave it until they present a solution to this farce.
You can come up with a lot of excuses; however, nothing will make you not responsible for not protecting the most valuable assets of this nation, its children, and its future.

How do we protect them? You may ask.
This is not our problem, it is your problem. Change the law, any law. Set some necessary conditions for obtaining a permit to carry weapons. Guard the schools.
Do anything or submit your resignation and leave your positions to those who deserve it.
Shame on all of you

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