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King Mohammed VI’s Aid for Gaza & Jerusalem: Uniting Hope

Mr Mohamed Salem Cherkaoui, the director in charge of the management of Bayt Mal Al Quds Agency BMA

King Mohammed VI’s Aid for Gaza & Jerusalem: Uniting Hope\ Exclusive Newslooks Video In a statement to Newslooks, Mr. Mohammed Salem Al-Sharqawi, the director in charge of managing the Jerusalem Al-Quds Agency, confirmed during his comment on King Mohammed VI’s initiative to provide humanitarian aid to the inhabitants of Gaza and the city of Jerusalem, that this is a humanitarian operation carried out under the noble instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the chairman of the Jerusalem Committee. When it is a humanitarian operation, the pathways are undoubtedly open.

King Mohammed VI's Aid for Gaza & Jerusalem: Uniting Hope

The era of His Majesty the King and the true era of the Moroccans extend for more than a thousand years, as you know, in this land, whether in Jerusalem or in the Levant in general. Therefore, this initiative comes at a very critical time when the region is witnessing profound, unfortunately difficult, transformations, especially in Gaza. And today, of course, we hear a lot of international, regional, and Palestinian welcome for this initiative that led an important shipment of humanitarian aid to Gaza by land, setting a real precedent to be followed to alleviate the impact of famine and the hardships faced by the inhabitants of Gaza. The same logic led His Majesty the King, may God protect him, to order aid to be directed to Jerusalem because Jerusalem remains the center of global attention, as you know, where solutions start and end. Therefore, the royal initiative also included the residents, distributing significant quantities of humanitarian aid to 2,000 needy Jerusalemite families, then distributing daily food rations to benefit a thousand individuals residing in shelters, hospital patients, and members of humanitarian associations. This is, of course, a commendable initiative that we heard the Jerusalemites and their institutions welcoming such initiatives yesterday. Yes, they say that the priority is for Gaza, but also we say that Jerusalem also remains at the forefront of His Majesty’s concerns.

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