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King Mohammed VI’s Gaza Aid: Trust and Hope Across Borders

King Mohammed VI’s Gaza Aid: Trust and Hope Across Borders \ In an exclusive declaration to Newslooks magazine, Adam Early, the former US Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain and ex-Deputy Spokesman for the US State Department, viewed King Mohammed VI’s decision to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip as “particularly significant, given it marks the initial instance of aid reaching the Palestinians through a Gaza-Israel border crossing”.

King Mohammed VI's Gaza Aid: Trust and Hope Across Borders

“So far, several months into the conflict, Israel has kept these crossings closed,” Mr. Ereli added.
He saw this progress as “notably substantial, signaling the trust Israelis have in Morocco”.
“It’s been touted as a possible solution to Gaza’s humanitarian crisis and as a test case”, the erstwhile U.S. diplomat mentioned.
“The aim is to evaluate its success and consider expanding such initiatives. Thus, Morocco appears to be charting the course toward a broader and quicker method of delivering aid to Gaza’s residents, though its long-term effects remain to be seen. This course of action looks hopeful, and every party involved should be commended for trying this new strategy”.
The former U .S. Ambassador described the Royal initiative as “a novel element is the involvement of the World Food Program in the distribution of aid, unlike UNRWA. This is key from an Israeli perspective because it ensures the aid does not reach Hamas. Previously, aid sent to Gaza was often commandeered by Hamas, with a portion used for their own ends and some distributed among the people of Gaza. There’s no guarantee that Hamas would use the resources to assist the population rather than support its military campaign. Here, the aid is explicitly aimed at helping Gaza’s needy, including men, women, and children not linked to Hamas, who are suffering as innocent victims”.
As for the chances of this effort leading to a wider diplomatic settlement involving Morocco, “ I’m skeptical. This doubt isn’t rooted in Morocco’s inability to contribute or its special position to offer help but arises from Israel’s clear lack of interest in a negotiated peace. Prime Minister Netanyahu appears resistant to being limited or influenced by anyone or anything. So, while this initiative might ease the humanitarian plight momentarily, its ability to spark a significant diplomatic breakthrough seems slim,” said Mr. Ereli.

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King Mohammed VI’s Gaza Aid: Trust and Hope Across Borders

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