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King of Morocco reinforces the principle of equality.

The King of Morocco reinforces the principle of equality.

King of Morocco reinforces the principle of equality.

In a statement by the Royal Office of the Kingdom of Morocco, His Majesty King Mohamed VI has decided to institute the Amazigh New Year’s Day as an official paid national holiday, along with the first of Moharram of the Hegira year and the New Year’s Day of the Gregorian calendar.
King Mohamed VI has given His High Directions to the Head of Government to take the necessary measures to implement this High Royal Decision that comes to consecrate the High solicitude of which His Majesty the King, may God preserve Him, does not cease to surround the Amazigh as an essential component of the authentic Moroccan identity, enriched by the plurality of its tributaries, and shared heritage to all Moroccans without exception.

It is also part of the constitutional consecration of the Amazigh language as an official language of the country, alongside the Arabic language.”
Many Moroccan associations interested in Amazigh affairs welcomed the royal decision, considering it a historic royal step that complements the political, economic, and social structures that King Mohamed VI had been overseeing the consolidation in Morocco since his accession to the throne.
It is worth noting that the Kingdom of Morocco, under the leadership of King Mohamed VI, was a pioneer in developing a legislative system to guarantee women’s rights and equality with men in all fields.
The 2011 constitution also emphasized guaranteeing the rights of all ethnic and religious minorities and the foundations of coexistence in security and peace, which are the ingredients that make the Kingdom of Morocco the most stable and secure Arab and Islamic country.

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