Lebanon & Central Africa Reaffirm Support for Moroccan Sahara

Lebanon & Central Africa Reaffirm Support for Moroccan Sahara \ Newslooks \Washington DC \ Lebanon’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants, Abdallah Bou Habib, emphasized the deep-rooted and long-standing ties of brotherhood uniting Lebanon with the Kingdom of Morocco and its people. He reaffirmed Lebanon’s unwavering stance in favor of Morocco’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.


In a statement issued on Sunday, Bou Habib highlighted Lebanon’s desire to stress the historic bonds of fraternity between Lebanon and Morocco and its honorable people. He reiterated Lebanon’s consistent position in favor of the Kingdom’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, expressing his country’s rejection of any threat to Morocco’s security.

This statement followed a telephone call from the Kingdom of Morocco’s ambassador to Lebanon, during which the two parties discussed a conference held in Beirut that featured positions hostile to Morocco. Bou Habib affirmed Lebanon’s condemnation of any statements undermining the Kingdom of Morocco and threatening its stability and territorial integrity. He emphasized that Lebanon values its fraternal relations with Morocco and continually aspires to strengthen cooperation between the two countries in all fields.

Central Africa

Similarly, the Central African Republic’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Francophonie, and Central Africans Abroad, Sylvie Baïpo-Temon, reiterated her country’s unwavering and clear position in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity during a press briefing in Rabat on Monday. Following talks with Morocco’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation, and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, Baïpo-Temon reaffirmed the Central African Republic’s support for Morocco’s autonomy plan as the only credible and realistic solution for resolving the Sahara dispute, in line with the United Nations Charter.

“The Central African Republic always stands by the Kingdom of Morocco and its efforts to find a solid and peaceful solution,” Baïpo-Temon stated, praising the Moroccan autonomy plan as a peaceful solution that aligns with the United Nations Charter. She also commended the “excellent” relations between the Kingdom of Morocco and the Central African Republic.

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