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Magnitude 5.9 quake hits NW Turkey, causing panic

The German Research Centre for Geosciences and Turkish government reported a magnitude 6.0 quake in Turkey near Düzce, only 10 minutes ago. The earthquake hit early morning on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022, at 4:08 am local time at a shallow depth of 10 km. The Associated Press has the story:

Magnitude 5.9 quake hits NW Turkey, causing panic

Newslooks- ANKARA, Turkey (AP)

An earthquake with a magnitude 5.9 has hit a town in northwest Turkey on Wednesday, Turkey’s government-run Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency said. The earthquake was centered in the town of Golkaya, in Duzce province, some 200 kilometers east of Istanbul. It was felt in Istanbul and in the capital Ankara. The quake sent people rushing out of buildings and cut power in the area, Duzce’s mayor Faruk Ozlu told private NTV television.

Ozlu said there was no immediate report of casualty or damage but authorities were still assessing possible destruction. Turkey sits on top of major fault lines and is frequently shaken by earthquakes. Duzce was hit by a powerful earthquake in 1999, which killed some 800 people.

The earthquake hit early morning on Wednesday, at 4:08 am local time at a shallow depth of 10 km. The exact magnitude, epicenter, and depth of the quake might be revised within the next few hours or minutes as seismologists review data and refine their calculations, or as other agencies issue their report.
Monitoring service identified a second report from the National Observatory of Athens (NOA) which listed the quake at magnitude 6.0 as well. Other agencies reporting the same quake include the citizen-seismograph network of RaspberryShake at magnitude 6.0, and the European-Mediterranean Seismological Centre (EMSC) at magnitude 5.9.
Generally quakes of this magnitude are recorded by more than one agency and the results can vary, with subsequent reports that come in after the first one often showing more accuracy.
Based on the preliminary seismic data, the quake should have been felt by everybody in the area of the epicenter. In those areas, dangerous ground shaking occurred with the potential to inflict moderate to heavy damage to buildings and other infrastructure.
Towns or cities where the quake likely caused strong ground shaking include
Moderate shaking probably occurred in Düzce (pop. 57,700) located 17 km from the epicenter, Kocaali (pop. 15,100) 23 km away, Karasu Mahallesi (pop. 39,500) 29 km away, Alaplı (pop. 20,900) 31 km.

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