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Morocco’s Aid to Gaza: A Critical Gesture Amid Humanitarian Crisis

In a recent interview with Newslooks, The American Palestinian Journalist Said Arikat , who serves as the director of the Washington bureau for the esteemed Al-Quds newspaper, welcomed King Mohammed VI’s humanitarian gesture of sending 40 tons of aid to support the residents of the Gaza Strip. Arikat emphasized that this act of generosity comes at a critical time, shedding light on the acute humanitarian crisis faced by civilians caught in the midst of ongoing conflicts in the region. He articulated that such initiatives are vital in providing much-needed relief to those who are suffering.

Further delving into the roots of the crisis, Arikat attributed the severe conditions in Gaza primarily to what he described as Israeli intransigence. He criticized Israel’s approach, accusing it of utilizing starvation as a deliberate weapon against the Palestinian population, aiming to pressure and weaken them. This, according to Arikat, has significantly contributed to the deteriorating situation on the ground, making international aid and gestures of solidarity, like that of King Mohammed VI, all the more critical in offering a lifeline to the innocent civilians impacted by these policies.

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