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Under the protective umbrella and benign indifference of NATO and the European Union, Turkey and Hungary have jointly developed their ineradicable feelings of unrealistic separateness and pseudo righteous victimhood, based on their two tyrannical leaders’ perverse beliefs that they alone are blessed with the indisputable truth concerning the past, the present as well as the future of their states and even the entire world. Their combined longing for the tyrannical and the otherworldly utopian perfection, have given rise to an almost ubiquitous emergence of chauvinistic hatred within both states vis-a-vis the United States of America and everything it represents, its allies and its like-minded political, military, economic, financial as well as cultural friends. Parallel with these destructive cum farcical developments, Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Viktor Orban have moved to bolster their claims for overrated importance by embracing the West’s two uncompromising adversaries, Russia and China. These joint hostile moves have only been accelerated by the unanimous rejection of Turkey’s and Hungary’s laughable power play by everybody and the two leaders’ vainglorious reaction to the self perceived undeserved rebuff of their inflated self worth.

Since both leaders have been prisoners of their pasts – embodied by Erdogan’s radical Islamism and Orban’s loyalty to his communist upbringing – adapting to the core principles of the two democratic organizations have caused in those two states cathartic psychological divisions between their true identities and their membership rights and responsibilities. The results have been an avalanche of failures both domestically as well as internationally. Their ensuing inferiority complexes have led both of them to the self-serving conclusion that the disagreeing states are being hostile to them because they are all evil. In the end, their narcissism has landed them in their present political blindness, in which their perceived victimhood is projected onto their hapless subjects.

People take part in a demonstration against Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Sweden’s NATO bid arranged by The Kurdish Democratic Society Center in Sweden, in Stockholm, Saturday, Jan. 21. 2023. Sign reads in Swedish “No to NATO”. Turkey has blocked Sweden and Finland’s bids to join NATO, which needs approval by all member states, saying Sweden in particular needs to crack down on Kurdish and other groups that Ankara considers as terrorists. (Christine Olsson/TT via AP)

The lists of Turkey’s and Hungary’s transgressions against the core principles of NATO and the European Union are immeasurably long. Grounded in their idiotically erroneous assumption that the United States of America is in decline with the rest of the West and China as well as Russia are becoming the superpowers of the future, Erdogan and Orban are preaching the new gospel of the unfolding benevolent Chinese and Russian imperialism. Ravenous for seemingly unconditional financial assistance from the People’s Republic of China and the influx of illegal monies from Russia, Erdogan and Orban hope to save their politically rotten and rapidly sinking economies from complete demise. For them the overall price being extracted by Beijing and Moscow are irrelevant. The most important political priorities within the Turkish and the Hungarian governments are absolute power and countless amounts of corrupted money. While Erdogan’s Turkey is being threatened militarily by Russia and globally by China in the greater Middle East as well as South East Asia, Budapest, Hungary is becoming Russia’s and China’s spy capital in Europe and beyond. Clearly, these burgeoning global dependencies of both states on China and Russia are becoming an intolerable national security threat to all the states of the two organizations.

These immense security threats are being compounded by the impending domestic political and economic catastrophes in both states. The driving force behind both leaders’ domestic policies is fear of the gradually accumulating wrath of their peoples in the face of the ever increasing ruthless political oppression and obscene corruption. Hence the frequent employment of open and surreptitious state of emergencies in both states. Turkey’s state of emergency that have commenced on July 20, 2016, just four days after the Erdogan regime survived a coup attempt, has been followed by an omnibus security law on July 25, 2018, that has extended the original state of emergency for two more years. However, ending the state of emergency legally has not put a stop to the actual repressive rule in Turkey. Thus, months before the new national elections, the Parliament is powerless, the judiciary is in the hands of the ruling Justice and Development Party, the media is heavily censored and Erdogan’s potential opponents are locked up in jails.

Not to be outdone, Hungary’s permanent state of emergency has begun on March 11, 2020, using as an excuse the COVID-19 pandemic. Act XII of 2020, on the Containment of the Coronavirus, has been followed by Act CIX of 2020, that has been renewed by Act I of 2021, that has been extended by Act XL of 2021, that again has been lengthened by Act CII of 2021, and has been enhanced the umpteenth time by Act CXXX of 2021, etc. On May 25, 2022, citing the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Viktor Orban’s FIDESZ party has extended the state of emergency by amending the Constitution, also referred to as the Basic Law, for the tenth time. In these manners, the principles of democracy and the governments’ legitimacy have been transformed into a hoax that have rendered these political constructs absolutely illegitimate.

Obviously, allowing such dangerous situations to persist and tolerating governments that are turned into instruments of naked oppression will only contribute to the further deterioration of peace and stability in the European continent and beyond. Finally, the full-blown tyrannies of Messrs. Erdogan and Orban will also contribute to the accelerated devaluation as well as spiritual corruption of democratic principles in the newly sovereign states occupied until 1990 by the Soviet Union. In light of these destructive developments, it is imperative for the member states of NATO and the European Union to take back control of both organizations, including the termination of memberships. To accomplish the cleansing of both organizations, leadership, constructive thinking, perseverance and decisiveness are called for. In a single word statesmanship is required.

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