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Orban and His Gangsterocracy Face a Cataclysm

Orban and His Gangsterocracy Face a Cataclysm \ Newslooks Washington D.C \ Opinion Following thirteen years of extremely deliberate, blatantly illegal, institutionalized and systematic plundering of Hungary’s national wealth, including the theft and embezzlement of European Union monies, Viktor Orban and his Gangsterocracy face a national trainwreck.   Taking everything into account, Hungary is irredeemably  bankrupt.  Only recently, the Governor of the National Bank of Hungary Gyorgy Matolcsy announced that the bank has accumulated a total of 2,300 billion HUF losses, which the Hungarian government is incapable of paying.  Thus, in the typical “Orbanesk fashion,” the reigning tyrant of Hungary falsely stated that the losses of the National Bank are independent of the government and, therefore, shall not be included in the annual state budget.  To illustrate the enormity of this sum, suffice it to state that Hungary’s GDP has steeply decreased to 9,921,680 billion HUF in the first quarter of 2023, from 11,599,923 billion HUF in the fourth quarter of 2022 , while the cumulative financial liabilities of the Hungarian people have increased to a record of 9,000 billion HUF.

Politically, the totalitarian ruling party FIDESZ, preposterously called the Alliance of Young Democrats, in cahoot with its coalition partner, the sanctimoniously named Christian Democratic People’s Party (Hungarian acronyms: KDNP), have built an Orwellian society, in which what is normal has transformed into abnormal and what is clearly against common sense has been declared the only officially sanctioned reality.  In addition to the 2011 Constitution that has been amended eleven times in thirteen years, and which has established a quasi authoritarian state, Viktor Orban and his destructive Gangsterocracy have created permanent economic and financial monopolies as well as an information police state by eliminating any meaningful opposition to their cult-like propaganda machinery.  As a result, the majority of the Hungarian people are pathologically incapable of coping with the realities inside as well as outside their country and consequently exist in a world full of fabrications, false inventions, profound lies and disgraceful concoctions.
Internationally, Hungary has become an evil pariah within NATO as well as the European Union, while simultaneously having lost even its limited freedom of maneuver to the tyrannical and corrupt regimes of Russia and China.  Meanwhile, to prove his utter incompetence and even boundless idiocy, Viktor Orban has incessantly preaches hatred against the United States of America as well as Brussels, declaring them the real neocolonizing enemies of the eternally victimized Hungarian people.  In this manner, Viktor Orban and his sheeplike flock of bagmen believe that they can have their cake and eat it.  This short-sighted and grossly erroneous belief rests mainly on the opportunistically permissive behavior of Hungary’s Western allies as well as the Hungarians’ uninterrupted identity crisis. 
Essentially, Hungarian history has been an unending grapple between the country’s privileged minority who have attempted to set and reset Hungarian identity to their liking and the disenfranchised majority who have strived for more importance in politics, in the economy and in the cultural life of their homeland.  The former have controlled most of Hungary’s wealth, they have occupied all the fiefdoms of powers, and they have held the commanding heights of the educational system as well as the judiciary.  Moreover, they have done all this by refusing to democratize society, which has enabled them to perpetuate the tyranny of the selected few over the voiceless majority. 
As the dumbing down projects of this privileged minority have faced the realities of the post-World War II liberalism and the collapse of the ruthless Soviet occupation, they have resurrected the antediluvian notion of good and evil, in which they have employed the emotional force of hatred to kill any possibility of an open and honest discourse with the powerless majority.  As a result, Hungary, as the member of the two most democratic multinational organizations, has remained what it has been historically, namely, a country in which those who have not submitted to the lies of the ruling tyrannical regime have been ostracized and have been stripped of their livelihoods as well as the miniscule integrity that they still have possessed.  Finally, capping these ruinous conditions with the completely immoral scorch of sky high corruption, the Orban Gangsterocracy have been pushing Hungary toward the edge of total national annihilation.  This corruption epidemic is also an imminent national security threat to NATO as well as the European Union because of the Orban regime’s increasing reliance for survival on Russia and China.
Currently, the task for everybody is not only to change the form of the Hungarian government from a predatory Gangsterocracy to a democratic one, but to radically alter the organization of society into a much more equitable one.  Most importantly, education, the cornerstone of any progress, is a mess, with no evident relief in sight.  Thus, amid all the rising political, economic and cultural tensions, education shall be the primary battleground and the unifying keystone of modern Hungarian national and international identities.
 Can Hungary be saved?  Clearly, domestically a chain of compromises are needed.  However, internationally, with the Orban Gangsterocracy there is no room for any compromise.  NATO and in particular the European Union do have the political, financial and economic instruments to defeat Orban and his criminal gang.  In reality, any changes or even reforms that the Orban regime undertakes to fool its allies would only be ephemeral.  With its absolute majority in the Parliament (Orszaghaz), the regime can change laws at the whim of Viktor Orban.  Hence, NATO and the European Union must stop mismanaging the Hungarian situation.  Realistic strategy and commensurate tactics must be rigorously implemented to make Hungary a truly worthy member state of both alliances again. 

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