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Republicans: Do They Know Their Own Strategy?

Republicans: Do They Know Their Own Strategy?

Republicans: Do They Know Their Own Strategy?

The Republican party leadership has an opportunity to make a major shift in the American political scene this coming November, much like what happened in 1994. Bill Clinton took a sharp left turn directly out of the gate in 1993, much as Joe Biden has done in his first year in office, and the American people made their wishes known at the ballot box during the 94 midterms, completely shutting down Clinton’s left wing wish list of liberal policies. This was brought about in large part because of the Republicans, namely Newt Gingrich, who brought about an effective strategy of communication not only between Republicans, but with the American people as well. This template is something the current batch of Republicans need to revisit.
Right now, leaders like McCarthy and McConnell, are not listening to each other, but they are also not listening to anyone else in their own party, oh they may be listening, but they are not hearing and there is a big difference. The Republicans are in a great position politically and completely because of Joe Biden and his administration’s failures, from COVID, to the southern border, to Roe V. Wade, and not because they have any great strategy in place, it is mostly due to luck, or unlucky, like the American people who are caught in the middle.
One thing could really help put the Republicans far on top, and it is something many on the right are dying to see…learn to use the word “LIAR.” Or some form of that word when the president or one of his underlings, especially Kamala Harris, outright tells a lie or fabricates some false form of truth, call them out on it. It is time to be united and show that the Republicans have a clear vision of the future, and articulate that vision to the people, ask Newt for help I’m sure he could give some great pointers. But therein lies the issue, Republicans typically do not like to ask for help, nor do they take to anyone else’s ideas or solutions but their own.
Donald Trump spent four years fighting, not only a well-oiled Democrat rumor mill, and disinformation campaign, but he fought half of his own party, the part that has forgotten that you do not need any formal political experience to run for and win office. In fact, many would argue, this conservative among them, that political experience especially decades long careers, can become a detriment to the constituency of the office holder.
Unity is another word Republicans need to learn and understand. The Democrats for the most part side with each other, and when one of them is on the ropes, like Bill Clinton in 94, and Joe Biden now, Democrats will usually rally behind the wounded party member and show a united front. Right now, that is not the case, many Democrats are running to the middle to claim that oh so hollowed ground of “moderate” so they can hopefully appeal to all sides. Republicans need to unite and point out these “middle-runners” and show their records and past statements. And… not just on FOX News, Republicans themselves need to be talking about it constantly, no matter the network or new service they are speaking to.
Republicans need to also understand that the other side has always been about the “ends justifies the means,” and a “win at any cost” attitude is prevalent among many on the left. Republicans need to know when to defend themselves, anyone who refers to any Republican as a Nazi needs to be discredited as a partisan political hack. An offense can sometimes be the best defense, instead of waiting and then responding, Republicans should be bringing topics forward, especially those they want to talk about. Calling anyone in either political party a Nazi is uncalled for, and frankly extremely distasteful. Maybe it is time for some form of action from congress holding people who say horrible things, untrue horrible things accountable, lord knows many Republicans have been censured, I think it is time for Democrats to have it done as well. I know, I know, name calling has always been a part of politics, but this goes beyond name calling, this is inciting hatred against a political ideology, and that is very dangerous ground. Much like us on the right had to squash talk about Barack Obama holding his Muslim faith higher than his country, that just isn’t true, and to suggest it was political foolishness.
If Republicans do win majorities in D.C. this November, I am hopeful they won’t squander it, and I also hope that the new batch of younger generation Republicans coming into the party will start telling the old dinosaurs, like McConnell and McCarthy, “hey we don’t work for you, we work for the voters who put us in office.” Maybe, hopefully fostering a new more modern attitude and cast out some of the old habits.

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