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Shadows of Russia’s and China’s Tyrannical Cultures

Shadows of Russia’s and China’s Tyrannical Cultures \ Newslooks \ Washington D.C .. To assert that Russia as well as China have developed the most inhuman cultures throughout their self-contorted and maliciously falsified histories is an understatement.  The list of their megalomaniac and insanely ambitious Tsars and Emperors as well as pseudo-Communist tyrants, with their collective characteristics of various mental impediments, have made most of them the sorry laughingstocks of the universe.  Enormously feared but never loved or respected, they all turned out to be widely over simplistic bunglers of domestic as well as international policies.  These so-called rulers, better defined as tyrants, have all passed from one extreme to the other without logical reasons or motives, while proving that they all lacked even rudimentary guiding principles of good governance.  Thus, historically, Russia and China have constituted the greatest peril to the peaceful stability of their geostrategic environments than any other country in the world.
Clearly, Presidents Putin and Xi jointly also appear to possess a tyrannical frenzy for imperial world domination.  In today’s perilous and rapidly changing world, both presidents are seemingly ready to destroy the existing status quo and forcefully replace it with the perpetual tyranny of the Russian/Chinese cultures’ total oppression.  Thus, their remedial rhetorics are nothing but extremely shallow prescriptions of ubiquitous subservience to the Russian/Chinese oppression.  Irredeemably isolated and without realistic hopes of being integrated into any of the viable multilateral organizations, with the exception of their privileged memberships in the ineffective United Nations, neither Russia nor China can be expected to play constructive roles in world affairs.  For this reason alone, Russia’s and/or China’s “harmonious peace” would preserve exclusively their antidemocratic and tyrannical regimes in their most inhuman and destructive forms.  Therefore, the voices of disunity within NATO, the European Union and all other bilateral as well as multilateral organization without Russian and/or Chinese participation, exacerbated and cowed by the threatening rhetoric and actions of the latter, are wrong in trying to accommodate at any cost the siren voices that want to save the world by establishing a global tyrannical regime under a combined Russian cum Chinese Gangsterocracy.
Since February 24, 2022, Putin’s Russia has been at war not only with Ukraine and the rest of the world but also with itself.  Consequently, the world has been threatened by all the evils that have been born during many centuries from a highly dysfunctional, utterly ruthless, sickeningly cruel and hate-filled political, economic, financial as well as cultural community.  As it has transpired throughout Russia’s bloody history, the organized terror of the last two decades has witnessed the government murdering, pillaging and robbing Russia blind at will.  While violence has spiraled out of control against Ukraine, internal turmoil has been spreading nationwide to several Russian and ethnic regions, towns and villages.  The rising dislike of President Putin has been mounting precipitously and with time will surely lead to his political and perhaps even physical demise.  As in the so-called “Time of Troubles” or “Smuta” in Russian, between 1598 and 1613, in 1917, during the mislabeled Bolshevik Revolution, as well as recently in 1990-1991, when the false edifice of Marxism-Leninism disappeared, the tyrannical regimes of the Tsars as well as the Communist autocrats ended in total collapse.  In every case, however, the destructive status quo has been able to repeatedly triumph over the forces of enlightened reforms.  As a rule, in the history of Russia, attempts at Westernization have always been eliminated by the paralyzing forces of Slavophilia under the moribund slogan of “nihil novi” – nothing new is allowed.
For President Xi’s People’s Republic of China too, the time has come to face reality instead of mindlessly working on restoring the ancient Confucian philosophy and the failed tyrannical institutions of bygone eras.  By the time China’s last emperor was dethroned in 1911, the most populous state on earth devoured more than forty nine dynasties, out of which only one was able to remain in power for less than three centuries.  Throughout four millenia, the cruelty of the “Chinese Civilization” was legendary.  The fates of the many emperors were equally abysmal.  About only half of them had the luck to die in bed under natural circumstances.  The other half were either assassinated or forced to commit suicide, and even more ruthlessly, were eliminated by bloody uprisings.  In brief, from its inception, China has been steeped up to its figurative head in the culture of extreme violence. 
The protracted civil war that followed the collapse of Imperial China ended in 1949, with the emergence of Mao Zedong and his revenge thirsty ragtag military.  What transpired under his tyranny until 1976, was the continuation of Imperial China’s violent oppression of the hopelessly subjugated people by the all powerful state.  At its apex, to save his tyranny, Mao engineered the infamous “Cultural Revolution” that resulted in the demise of millions of human beings.  After the hiatus of a brief internal chaos, Deng Xiaoping’s belated reforms were rescued by the massacre at Tiananmen Square of 1989.  What followed again was an era of economic consolidation under the authoritarian watch of the Chinese Communist Party.  With the emergence of Xi Jinping in 2013, China has been returning to Mao’s absolute tyranny.  Domestically, the unforgiving genocides against the small minority groups, the illegal interference in Hong Kong’s affairs, the merciless elimination of political opponents under the guise of the war on corruption, President Xi’s several “little red books in Mao’s fashion,” have attested to the return of the Imperial cum Maoist roots of Chinese politics.  Internationally, the aggressively expansionist foreign policy of Beijing has already isolated the People’s Republic of China globally.  In this manner, President Xi’s People’s Republic of China is surely on its way toward a new regime collapse and the predictable internal chaos to come.
Ruthless tyranny and murderous immorality are like identical twins conjoined by their whole bodies.  The resulting all consuming hatred produces vile ethnic racism and jingoistic xenophobia.  Russia’s and China’s mad tyrants intend to destroy the world as it is and bring about a new creation that will definitely end in an even more catastrophic outcome.  Thus, misplaced focus on the verbal nuclear threats of Presidents Putin and Xi is dangerous to the future of mankind.  Equally lethal is the defensive posture of the rest of the world to Russia’s and China’s illegitimate military aggressions.  It is time for the United States of America and its allies to take the initiative and go on the offensive diplomatically as well as militarily.  For passive complacency kills, while doing battle for the worthy causes of dignified life as well as peace are essential for the continued progress of mankind. 

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