European Union

Buoyed by days of partnership-building sessions with America's democratic allies, Joe Biden

Biden arrives in Geneva for talks with Putin

GENEVA (AP) — Buoyed by days of partnership-building sessions with America’s democratic allies, Joe Biden arrived in Geneva on Tuesday for the most-watched and tensest part of his first European…
G-7 Summit

G-7 Summit launches lightheartedly

The Group of Seven nations meeting in Britain with the European Union started off lightheartedly, with fist bumps, smiles and laughs. Topics they intend to cover include Russia and China.…
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Spain opens up to summer tourists

Spain is now welcoming vaccinated visitors from the U.S. and most other countries. However, the country is still banning nonessential travelers from Brazil, India and South Africa. The Associated Press…
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audit finds

Audit finds EU’s border agency inadequate

Although the European Union has poured billions of dollars into its border and coast guard agency Frontex, an audit found that employees there are “presently not discharging their duty effectively.”…
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