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The Polisario’s Dangerous Escalation: An Act of Terror in Smara.

Asahraoui A Terrorist & Former Polisario Member Killed

· Moroccan authorities are awaiting investigation results before commenting, maintaining legal protocol.
· Credible evidence points to the Polisario Front’s responsibility, who have claimed the attack.
· The Polisario representative confirmed the claim at the UN, calling it part of their “struggle.”
· The targeted sites were civilian, with no military presence, emphasizing the attack’s indiscriminate nature.
· International reports on the Polisario’s admission have not been refuted by the group.
· Morocco remains steadfast, viewing the attacks as a threat to regional stability but not responding in kind.
· A thorough legal process is promised to bring the perpetrators to justice.
The Polisario’s Dangerous Escalation: An Act of Terror in Smara \ Newslooks \ Washington DC \ In the shadow of the UN Security Council’s recent resolution on the Sahara, a grim event unfolded in the southern Moroccan town of Smara. On a quiet weekend night, the 28th of October gave way to a Sunday marred by violence when four projectiles tore through the tranquility of civilian neighborhoods.

The explosions were not without consequence: one life was lost, three others were left injured, two gravely. The material damage, though secondary to the human cost, was nonetheless significant. In response, Laayoune’s public prosecutor’s office promptly initiated an investigation, with technical and ballistic efforts currently underway to uncover the nature and provenance of the attacks.

Morocco stands as a nation committed to the rule of law, and its government officials are judiciously withholding commentary until the investigation yields its initial findings. This restraint, however, is set against a backdrop of substantial evidence implicating the Polisario Front, which has forsaken the ceasefire of 1991 and resumed armed hostilities against Moroccan soil.

The first shred of evidence comes from none other than the Polisario itself. In a brazen admission within their “War communiqué no. 901,” the separatist group claimed responsibility for the Smara attacks, boasting of inflicting casualties. This claim was not made in secret but was openly confirmed by a Polisario representative at the UN headquarters, right as the Security Council was convening to deliberate on the Sahara issue, framing the act as part of their militant “struggle.”

The target of these attacks—the civilian heart of Smara—was chosen with a cold indifference to the lives of families and the absence of any military or strategic assets. Even the local airport lay a distant 2 km from the explosion sites, underscoring the indiscriminate nature of the aggression.
The international press took swift notice, with dozens of articles chronicling the Polisario’s declaration. There was no retraction, no denial—only a deafening silence that served as an implicit reiteration.

These violent acts by the Polisario threaten the very fabric of regional peace and stability, which Morocco considers inviolable. Yet, faced with such provocations, Morocco has remained a portrait of composure, recognizing these deeds as a desperate and hazardous bid to sway the Security Council’s proceedings on the Moroccan Sahara.

Morocco’s resolve remains unshaken. It refuses to bow to these provocations; however reckless they may be. The Moroccan authorities are unwavering in their commitment: the investigations will be thorough, and justice will be served with unyielding severity upon those found culpable.

As the situation unfolds, the international community watches, weighing the actions of the Polisario. The attacks in Smara serve as a stark reminder of the perils of extremism and the urgent need for a return to dialogue and peace.

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