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Violent Crime: Why It’s Surging and How to Stop It

Violent Crime: Why It’s Surging and How to Stop It

Violent Crime:  Why It’s Surging and How to Stop It

Crime rates are soaring in America. But this worrisome crime surge isn’t driven by an increase in jay-walking or vandalizing street signs. According to FBI crime statistics, murder rates have skyrocketed by an alarming 30% during 2020. So far in 2021, the murder rate has increased by more than 16% over last year’s 30% increase. 

It is distressing and painful to imagine what these statistics mean in terms of real human suffering and the tragic loss of life. While we are all potentially impacted by increases in violent crime, those who live in America’s urban centers are suffering the most and experiencing the most death and violence.

For almost 30 years, from 1990 to 2019, there was a strong and consistent downward trend in murder rates which declined by almost half. But suddenly in 2020, murder rates began to rapidly increase. And in 2021 that troubling trend has continued. Why are murder rates rising at such an alarming rate?

It turns out that de-funding the police had deadly consequences. Moreover, widespread anti-police rhetoric from powerful, but extremist politicians, and from militant so-called journalists had a real and lethal impact. Additionally, changes in policing that came in response to the defund the police movement and the anti-police rhetoric served only to embolden violent criminals.

University of Utah law professor Paul Cassell’s research shows that the anti-police rhetoric, the defunding the police movement, and the de-policing that followed, were strong factors in driving shootings and murder rates to historic heights. Those who foolishly caused this very predictable tragedy are now casting about trying to shift the blame and point to other factors. But the data is clear and unmistakable — the policies and rhetoric of left wing extremists are to blame.

Many woke cities foolishly defunded their police departments and they have been hard hit by rising murder rates. Many of those same cities have essentially admitted that defunding the police was a catastrophically bad idea. They may not openly or honestly admit it, but they’ve been adding funding back to their police departments and returning to proactive policing programs — all at the demand of the minority communities that have been so hard hit by the catastrophic defund the police policy.

In a just world, those who make foolish decisions bear the brunt of their own stupidity. But the politicians and media types who were most outspoken in the defund the police movement typically live in relatively safe neighborhoods and often have security or protection. The price for the defund the police insanity has largely been borne by lower income residents of the inner-city. In some of the most tragic cases, it has been small children killed by stray bullets while sleeping in their bed or playing in the park.

Americans of all races, creeds and income levels must demand adherence to the rule of law — which states that every citizen is equal before the law. Everyone — from the police, to judges, to prosecutors — must be committed to upholding the rule of law and treating all Americans fairly and justly. When we find those who do not live up to these high standards, they must be removed from their position of power and trust, and they must be punished.

But that anyone seriously thought that defunding the police and engaging in blatantly anti-police rhetoric would help anyone, but violent criminals shows either grotesque stupidity, or a disturbing indifference to the catastrophic price others would be forced to pay for raw political opportunism.

Along these lines, George Soros’ efforts to fund the election of left-wing, anti-rule-of-law prosecutors is also driving up violent crime. The recent tragedy in Waukesha, Wisconsin — where 6 women and children were killed and almost 50 others were severely injured by a man who appeared to purposefully drive his car into a crowd attending a Christmas parade — shows how an anti-rule of law prosecutor endangers the public. The man who allegedly committed this horrible crime, apparently committed the same crime only a few days earlier and has a long history of criminal charges. But a George Soros-backed prosecutor sought his release on only $1,000 bail just two days before he committed this heinous act.  Numerous studies and articles have shown that Soros-backed prosecutors are making their communities more dangerous and working to keep violent criminals on the streets.

It is time for liberal Americans to stand up to the extreme leftist lunatics within their ranks who support de funding the police and lawless, pro-crime prosecutors. We all must work to hold our law-enforcement accountable to uphold the law fairly and reasonably. But we must also support the vast majority of our law-enforcement officials who work diligently to uphold the law and ensure that those who threaten others with violence and death are stopped. If we expect to have a free and orderly society where opportunity is available to all, we must begin by making it possible for children to sleep in their beds and play in the park without being shot and for families to attend parades without being run down by violent criminals.  One cannot enjoy the blessings of liberty and opportunity without the blessing of life. And we must all be vigilant to ensure that the rule of law is not merely a goal, or a promise, but an achievement.

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