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Hungary: Is There An Endgame To Hungary’s Sweeping Corruption

Viktor Orban’s tyranny, based on the corrupt cult of political nihilism as well as pseudo-religious hypocrisy without real moral foundation, is exclusively a Hungarian phenomenon within NATO and the European Union.  This irredeemably corrupted tyrannical regime is methodically and unstoppably destroying Hungary through its idiotic distortions of realities and self-interested pontifications about the democracies’ inevitable defeat by the equally tyrannical regimes of Russia as well as mainland China.  This recurrent topic has become Viktor Orban’s favorite Marxist/Communist mantra, of course only in Hungarian language, for his opposition to both Western organizations and his support for the enemies of the United States of America and Europe.  For this reason, Viktor Orban’s politically as well as intellectually insane worldview must be a matter of concern for the political leaders of both alliances.  The real danger is that a single individual with unlimited political, economic, financial as well as media powers could manipulate his citizenry to accept outrageous unrealities, while forcing the overwhelmingly sane majority outside his power base to explain their justifiable adherence to what is reasonable.  As a matter of fact, Viktor Orban’s Gangsterocracy is nothing else but the political reincarnation of the Soviet Union in the middle of Europe in the 21st century.  Recognizing this evil manipulation and resisting its becoming the guiding ideology of all useful idiots is the life and death dilemma of the Free World.
Viktor Orban’s and his Gangsterocracy’s final political  objective is infinitely absolute power.  Its ideology is ubiquitous corruption par excellence.  Its methodology is  never ending vicious circles of lies, combined with selective foreign phobia, overwhelming fear of the truth, irrational hatred, linguistic falsehoods as well as the enforcement of unconditional slave mentality.  The result is that this bogus methodology establishes a society that blocks real talents and promotes the universal dumbing down of every individual.  The moral aspects of this pathological inhumanity are equally catastrophic.  Good is turned into evil and evil is presented as the desired utopia that surely will bring about the eternally sought-for outwordly perfection.  Clearly, Viktor Orban’s tyranny is the realm of the mentally deranged and not the land of the sensible.  Today, the question must be asked: where will the present Hungarian orgy of pathological insanity lead NATO and the European Union?
A case in the most recent point is the avalanche of oppressive constructions of Chinese Communist Party owned accumulator factories that has already overwhelmed Hungary’s meager water resources and has claimed untold hectares of precious agricultural land.  Flaunting, as always, every single European Union regulation regarding the storing, licensing and safe operation of such hazardous and even poisonous production facilities to the environment as well as to the health of the people, Viktor Orban’s Gangsterocracy once again have decided to give priority to their corrupt financial interests over the well being of the people they claim to care for the most.  It goes without saying that these business deals with China have been declared of the most urgent national strategic importance and, accordingly, were classified top secret for many decades.  In this manner, neither Brussels nor the Hungarian people would be able to know the actual content of these agreements for the foreseeable future.  Spontaneous protests, hastily organized by the more intelligent members of the affected communities have been countered forcefully, arrogantly and dismissively by officials of the Gangsterocracy.  Thus, Viktor Orban’s Hungary has become the land of human barbarism per se.
Yet, this sham prophet of Western Apocalypse has been bolstered since the late 1980s by a divisive assortment of private and public potentants.  Starting with George Soros and continuing with the profit-hungry German politicians and later sustained by a list of Asian Tyrants, Viktor Orban’s deceptive acts of “breaking with the past” have resulted in a sharp return to Hungary’s pre-1990 communist era and beyond.  Consequently, in international perspective, Viktor Orban has always stood on the side of tyranny.
The question again arises: why do the Hungarian people tolerate their present catastrophic situation?  Tragically, a hard core minority of the Hungarian population have refused to be victims of the Gangsterocracy and joined the regime’s corruption orgy as  co-conspirators.  Moreover, is the legitimacy of Viktor Orban’s enduring two-thirds majority real or fraudulent?  More specifically, have Viktor Orban and his FIDESZ party won since 2010 through honest or rigged elections?  If the answer is the latter, which most probably is, Viktor Orban’s long rule is nothing but usurpation.  And as history teaches, usurpation means oppression, aggression and destruction.  Domestically, it is national suicide.  Internationally, it means interference in the internal affairs of neighboring countries.  Therefore, the European Union’s most pressing responsibility is to do away with usurpation and restore the principle of legitimacy.
Understandably, the leaders of the member states of NATO and the European Union have the responsibility to answer the Hungarian challenge by exhibiting an unwavering sense of justice based on deep moral principles.  For this to materialize in practice, they will have to develop a profound knowledge of Hungarian history supported by a great deal of determination.  For order must be brought out of the Hungarian tyranny.  Otherwise, both organizations would succumb to the cancerous disease of the politically as well as morally destructive hypocrisy.
In closing, a final note of wisdom.  Viktor Orban and his Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto always have indignantly rejected any criticism of Hungary by claiming that interference in the domestic affairs of Hungary is disrespectful.  Yet, surely, they cannot demand respect for their Gangsterocracy when they disrespect the Hungarian people and their allies.

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