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Ireland Rejects Polisario’s Claims on Ghali Visit, Backs UN Solution

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Ireland Rejects Polisario’s Claims on Ghali Visit, Backs UN Solution \ Newslooks \ Washington.

In a striking rebuttal to the attempts by Brahim Ghali, the leader of the Polisario Front, to tout a purported visit to Dublin, the Irish authorities have been compelled to debunk the falsehood propagated by the separatist group. Brahim Ghali, at the helm of the Polisario separatist militia, claimed an official endorsement of his visit by Irish officials, a narrative quickly corrected by the Irish government.
The Irish Embassy in Rabat issued a decisive and unequivocal statement clarifying the nature of Ghali’s visit to Ireland, marking a significant blow to the Polisario Front’s misinformation campaign. According to the Irish authorities, the visit by the Polisario Front’s representatives, including Ghali, was strictly personal and not sanctioned by the Irish government as the separatists had falsely claimed. The statement highlighted, “The visit of Polisario Front representatives to Ireland last week was a private visit,” orchestrated by a minor pro-Polisario entity within Ireland, explicitly stating, “The Irish government is in no way involved in or responsible for this activity.”
Contrary to the separatist faction’s assertions, no official engagements were scheduled with any members of the Irish government. The Irish Embassy’s communiqué emphasized that the visit did not result from any official invitation, thereby denying any formal recognition or dialogue with prominent Irish political figures, including Prime Minister Leo Varadkar and Foreign Minister Micheal Martin, despite persistent requests and the backing of intermediaries.
Moreover, the Polisario representatives were not accorded any audience with the Irish legislative body. High-ranking officials, including the Speakers of both Houses and the Chairman of the Joint Committee on Foreign Affairs, declined any meetings with the separatists. A few parliament members who hold personal sympathies towards the Polisario were the only exceptions, meeting with the representatives in a strictly personal capacity, without implying any parliamentary endorsement.
The incident has further solidified Ireland’s stance on the Sahara conflict, a position that remains aligned with international norms and unchanged despite the Polisario’s attempts at distortion. The official statement from the Irish Embassy reaffirms Ireland’s non-recognition of the so-called Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic (SADR) and underscores its commitment to UN-led resolution process. Ireland’s constructive stance, advocating for a definitive and mutually acceptable political resolution under the auspices of the United Nations, reflects its adherence to international diplomatic protocols and its support for the Secretary General’s efforts to navigate a peaceful settlement in the Sahara issue. This incident not only exposes the Polisario Front’s manipulation but also reiterates Ireland’s principled position in international affairs, advocating for dialogue and a UN-endorsed solution to the prolonged conflict.

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Ireland Rejects Polisario’s Claims – Ireland Rejects Polisario’s

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