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United Kingdom hailed Morocco’s King leadership.

King Mohammed VI FIFA world Cup

United Kingdom hailed Morocco’s King leadership.

The British government hailed King Mohammed VI’s leadership in making Morocco a key factor for stability, peace and development in the Mediterranean, Sahel-Saharan and West African regions.

This recognition came at the end of the 4th session of the strategic dialogue between the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom that was marked by a joint statement, in which both parties stressed their common commitment to strengthening bilateral ties, particularly in the areas of economy, security and cultural cooperation.

The joint statement also welcomed Morocco’s efforts to promote peace and stability in the region, as well as its leadership role in the fight against violent extremism and terrorism.

The two governments also reaffirmed their commitment to work together to address common challenges and promote security and prosperity in the region.

In addition, the British government expressed its gratitude to Morocco for its continued support in the fight against illegal migration and for its commitment to promoting human rights and good governance. Both sides agreed to continue to work closely together on these crucial issues.

The British government also welcomed the excellent cooperation between the two countries and reaffirmed its commitment to further strengthening bilateral ties with Morocco in the years to come.

The United Kingdom also expressed its appreciation for Morocco’s serious efforts to advance the process towards a resolution of the Sahara issue.

The United Kingdom reaffirmed its commitment to help the parties reach a just, lasting and mutually acceptable political solution to the Sahara issue based on compromise.

On the other hand, Morocco welcomes the positive position of the United Kingdom on the Moroccan Sahara issue, said Tuesday in Rabat, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita.

“We welcome the positive position of the United Kingdom on the Moroccan Sahara and its constructive role in the UN Security Council, as a member of the group of friends of the Secretary-General on the Moroccan Sahara and a permanent member of the Council, which follows with interest the security and stability in North Africa,” said Bourita during a press briefing, at the end of the 4th session of the Moroccan-UK Strategic Dialogue, which he chaired, alongside the Minister of State for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia and the United Nations of the United Kingdom, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon.

During this session of the Strategic Dialogue between the two countries, it was agreed to strengthen cooperation between the two kingdoms in international forums, concerning regional and international issues, said the Moroccan minister.

“We will work as partners to strengthen security and development in Africa, as well as to promote peace and coexistence in the Middle East,” he said, adding that the two countries will also promote their interests and values in multilateral forums, both in the Human Rights Council and the General Assembly of the United Nations, as part of an advanced coordination between the two countries.

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