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Midterm Elections 2022, America Has Spoken

Midterm Elections 2022, America Has Spoken

Midterm Elections 2022, America Has Spoken

There was a lot of hype leading up to the midterm elections this November 8th, mostly by Republicans who kept talking about a “Red Wave” that never really materialized, unless you live in Florida. Many in the Republican leadership were talking about this wave that was coming almost like if they kept vocalizing it, that it would actually happen, but it didn’t, at least not how it was envisioned.
There were some really good pick-ups for the GOP on election night, and although it was not the blowout that many conservatives wanted, it was still a very good night for the party of Reagan. One very positive for the night was gaining back control of the House of Representatives because that gives Republicans control to stop a lot of the out-of-control spending, and that is a good thing for the country.
The American people spoke loud and clear about what they want, and in the aftermath, it seems like Republicans are listening, because many in the party are understanding now what the people want, and that is unity. It was not enough to go out on the campaign trail and tell Americans how awful things are and how negatively the economy is doing, they see that every single day, at the gas pump, the grocery store, and when they open their electric bill. Americans are craving a plan, a solution, or new ideas and go in a different direction, but what they mostly got during the campaigns were Republicans finger pointing at Democrats, and Democrats running on a horrible record. So, America did a whole lot of cross ticket voting, almost forcing those in Washington D.C. to have to work together.
As I said before, it seems, at least for the moment the Republican Party is listening and understanding that they are going to have to swallow their pride and work with their colleagues on the other side of the isle. I did hear some Democrats talk about rolling up their sleeves and getting to work to do what the people have asked, and if there truly is a new spirit of cooperation in Washington, the country will benefit greatly, but paying lip service and then going back to business as usual will bring the wrath down upon them in 2024.
The one person who has said he is not going to make one single change, even though he acknowledges the hardship he has brought down on Americans is Joe Biden. He sees the wins his party made in a few key races as out right carte blanche for his agenda to do as he pleases and continue down the destructive path, he has set us on. My hope is that he has advisors who steer him away from that and make him see that a change is needed. Joe Biden used to be one of the biggest deal makers in Washington, at one time he was all about bipartisanship, but now he is hell bent on doing it his way, and alone.

Georgia GOP Senate nominee Herschel Walker smiles during remarks during a campaign stop at Battle Lumber Co. on Thursday, Oct. 6, 2022, in Wadley, Ga. Walker’s appearance was his first following reports that a woman who said Walker paid for her 2009 abortion is actually mother of one of his children – undercutting Walker’s claims he didn’t know who she was .(AP Photo/Meg Kinnard)

2024 will be a huge let down for Republicans too if they go back to doing business as usual, outlining the problems without offering solutions. The GOP has the template for how to win, a clear plan of action, a positive view of the future, and of limitless optimism, and we do not have to go back in time to the days of Ronald Reagan, we have a modern-day shining example right in the sunny state of Florida, Ron DeSantis. Governor DeSantis is oozing with optimism, hope for the future, and he has a clear-cut plan of action for his state and a vision for America’s future. He is a true leader who inspires the people around him, and his template is what the GOP should be using, because DeSantis won Miami-Dade by a 20-point margin over his Democrat challenger Charlie Crist, which is near impossible for a Republican.
Look at other high profile Republicans who won, Kemp, Abbott, Scott, DeWine, Rubio, they all had a clear message, not just about how they differed from their opponents, but they have plans of actions and solutions to fix problems facing their states and the nation, and THAT is what people are craving, don’t just tell us how bad it is and how bad the other person is, give us your solutions, and if you look at Republican winners who won by a clear decisive margin, they have ideas, they have a plan, and most importantly they have enthusiasm for this country and all the people living in it.
I think Ron DeSantis is going to be the clear-cut front runner for the GOP’s presidential bid in 2024, and here is why. He is extremely likable, he is capable of making hard decisions, sticking to them, and standing firmly behind those decisions even when he is being attacked for them. He knows to get things done he will need Democrats, and he will put the good of the American people above all else. He is not a mudslinger, but a counter puncher, one who uses facts to make his points, and he knows how to handle the media. Ron DeSantis and other Republicans in his generation are the future of the party, and I think that Donald Trump could best serve the party and the country by getting Republicans elected in down ticket races in the 2024 election cycle. Trump can only serve one more term, and we would all be foolish to think the Democrats would just leave him be and let him govern. Also….and this is big, Donald Trump has a huge ego, and he can say things that do nothing but divide people, not unite them.
I also think it will be a big mistake if Republicans go after Biden too hard and too fast. The American people want THEIR problems fixed, they want THEIR lives restored, and they want relief from the drastic situations they find themselves in. If Republicans go rabid and tone deaf, and go after Biden right away without helping Americans, 2024 will be a disaster.
We need a Republican leader who doesn’t just say but knows deep in his or her heart that America’s best is in our future, and that when we all work together, we can accomplish anything. We don’t need another Ronald Reagan or Abraham Lincoln, those two men are left to their places in history, we need a new bright and shining star who will one day take their place among the greats standing on their own.

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