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Morocco-Germany: Strengthen Anti-Terrorism Cooperation

Morocco-Germany: Strengthen Anti-Terrorism Cooperation \ Newslooks \ Washington DC \ The Director General of National Security (DGSN) and Territorial Surveillance (DGST), Mr. Abdellatif Hammouchi, conducted a working visit to the Federal Republic of Germany from June 24 to 26. During his visit, he engaged in discussions with officials from the German Federal Police (Bundespolizei) and the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), focusing on enhancing bilateral security cooperation.

This visit occurred following an official invitation from the German authorities. Mr. Hammouchi participated in working sessions with Dieter Romann, President of the Bundespolizei, Holger Münch, Head of the BKA, and other German security experts specializing in counter-terrorism and sports security, as stated in a DGSN-DGST press release. The discussions primarily revolved around bolstering cooperation against terrorism, organized cross-border crime, and securing major sporting events.

Mr. Hammouchi and his German counterparts also evaluated the current state of their police collaboration and discussed regional and international security challenges. The visit included a tour of the German Joint Counter-Terrorism Centre in Berlin, where the Moroccan delegation was briefed on the center’s coordination mechanisms among various German security agencies and potential cooperation with Moroccan security services.

Additionally, the visit explored opportunities for collaboration between Morocco and Germany in sports security, particularly in exchanging expertise and technical assistance for securing major events. Mr. Hammouchi was informed about the security measures and standards implemented by Berlin police for the UEFA Cup, hosted by Germany.

To further reinforce cooperation, a high-level Moroccan security delegation, led by Mr. Hammouchi, visited Berlin’s Olympic Stadium, the venue for Euro 2024 games, and the police operations management center overseeing the event’s safety protocols. This visit is part of Morocco’s extensive preparations to host significant global and continental sporting and security events, including the 93rd Interpol General Assembly in Marrakech, the 2025 African Cup of Nations, and the 2030 World Cup, which Morocco will co-host with Spain and Portugal.

This official visit underscores the critical importance of bilateral security cooperation between Morocco and Germany, reflecting the strong commitment of the DGSN and DGST to global efforts in mitigating security risks and threats.

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