At least 2 dead in Florida due to storms

Tornadoes and storms swept the Deep South overnight, killing at least two people in the Florida Panhandle. Homes have been destroyed and powerlines knocked down. The Associated Press has the…
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2nd major storm hits Europe, 4 dead

Northern Europe has been hit by two major storms within the last three days, killing four people and causing massive damage. The strongest gust ever recorded in England, 122 mph,…
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Midwest storm kills at least five

Hurricane-force winds and possible tornadoes swept across the Midwest, blowing structures over and spewing dust which blinded people driving. At least five people were killed, including the driver of a…
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Tornadoes and storms pummel Oklahoma

Severe weather hit much of the middle part of the country, including Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Texas. Fortunately there have been no reports of deaths or injuries. The Associated…
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