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Apparently Trump Simply Cannot Put a Foot Wrong

Trump in Court

Apparently Trump Simply Cannot Put a Foot Wrong

On Tuesday, April 4th, Former United States President Donald J. Trump was indicted in Manhattan criminal court of thirty-four New York State class E felony indictments. The indictments surround alleged hush payments by Trump to women (not-his-wife) to protect his reputation while running for president in 2016. These payments, even if true, are not, in and of themselves, illegal. Paying blackmail (and asking for a non-disclosure agreement while doing it) is not a crime. We know it is not a crime because . . ..

Stormy Daniels
Former president has been indicted in New York on charges involving payments to Daniels made during the 2016 presidential campaign to silence claims of an extramarital sexual encounter. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber, File)

. . . On the same day, a federal court ordered Stormy Daniels (the blackmailer) to pay an additional 120K for Trump’s legal fees in the civil case which Trump won clearing his name from her allegations. All while Alvin Bragg, the Manhattan District Attorney, vigorously denied that these indictments were politically motivated. Maybe he should ask his Chief of Staff, Jordan Stockdale, about liking tweet after tweet in 2021 saying that Trump should be impeached, removed from office and prevented from taking office again – all while he was auditioning for his current job. Or, perhaps, he should ask other lawyers on his staff frantically deleting their twitter accounts for betraying the same prejudice.

Adding to the circus atmosphere of the entire parade, New York cancelled all leave and required every New York City policeman to be ‘all hands-on deck.’ Antifa and its fellow travelers were out in force provoking the Trump supporters into some violence with violence of their own. That trick wasn’t going to be effective a second time. NYC is reported to be spending 200M on the affair and its new mayor couldn’t grin any wider. Republican firebrand, Marjorie Taylor Greene was there in all her Trump-supporting bluntness. She was howled down by whistles blown by the leftists protesting her. Strange things for ardent believers in their own right to protest. But the craziness in deep blue New York paled against the support for Trump shown elsewhere . . .

. . . In the past week, Trump’s poll numbers have skyrocketed both for the Republican nomination and in a hypothetical rematch against Joe Biden. According to recent polling, Trump leads in both races. Further, Trump raised over eight million record-breaking dollars for his campaign in the 48 hours heading up to his appearance in court. Even the satirical Babylon Bee ran a biting story entitled “Democrats Throw Biggest-Ever Fundraiser for Trump Campaign.” Almost every Trump supporter in the Republican party has voiced either opposition to Alvin Bragg, support for Trump or, most often, both.

Trump Indictment
Former President Donald Trump sits at the defense table for his arraignment with his attorneys, from left, Todd Blanche, Susan Necheles, Joseph Tacopina and Boris Epshteyn, in New York, Tuesday, April 4, 2023.(Andrew Kelly/Pool Photo via AP)

Only the Bush-wing Republicans seem to be sitting it out. So called “elites” and RINOs (Republican in Name Only) are mute as to Bragg’s motives and Trump’s triumphant defiance. Even their current “anyone-but-Trump” choice, Governor DeSantis, has strongly announced his disgust at the indictments saying that Florida will not cooperate with New York in serving or delivering up Trump. It turned-out to be an unnecessary gesture as Trump voluntarily surrendered – but the Mara Lago crew undoubtedly appreciated it as the elites metaphorically vomited-up blood. However, DeSantis is politically much smarter than all of them are collectively – whiteboards included.
Sensing the magnitude of the mistake, prominent Democrats are avoiding supporting Bragg in droves. When they have anything to say at all, they whimsically mutter bland support for the Rule of Law at best and, a few in outright political terror, mildly condemn Bragg.

Even Nancy Pelosi bitterly took a pass on a victory lap. It seems that she had to trade her longed-for fantasy of Trump in shackles and manacles frog-marched into a courtroom. Instead, she will settle for political equivocation to avoid political destruction. She tweeted that Trump would have a chance to “prove his innocence” in court and that was fine by her. While she ignorantly threw-out hundreds of years of cherished American jurisprudence with that statement, her motives were completely revealed. “Me, ‘the Squad’ and the New York Times have convicted him, obviously, but we will give him a chance to prove otherwise because we are fair, don’tchaknow.”

For years on television and in print I have referred to Donald Trump as a “black hole” – a celestial object with the gravity of a billion stars, which object attracts all manner of space refuse and, when consumed, makes the black hole bigger and stronger than ever. As a few Democrats tipped their hands Tuesday talking of additional Trump indictments in Georgia and DC (the roll-out undoubtedly coordinated by the completely compromised DOJ), those of us who know better laughed out loud. Bring it on, I say, . . .

. . . its just more material for the Black Hole.

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