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Do We Need a Thanksgiving to Heal our Political Division?

Do We Need a Thanksgiving to Heal our Political Division?

Do We Need a Thanksgiving to Heal our Political Division?

How many turkeys might we need to repair the dangerous crack that has afflicted the American political scene? How many issues are dividing us and turning us into a society that hardly believes in the existence of the other, which contradicts our opinion or our party affiliation?

We may celebrate Thanksgiving and gather around one table to thank the blessing of living on the land of this great nation.

But we are all aware that we are in great animosity with each other, and in complete contradiction over the future of the homeland we claim to love.

We may need a turkey to mend our division over climate change and a Covid-19 vaccine, another over the issue of abortion, a fourth about allowing oil and gas exploration in the high seas, and many other turkeys to establish a national reconciliation project that allows us to differ, but it will not be a cause of our weakness and division.

No two disagree on the vitality and importance of difference and societal debate on the nation’s issues, but we all agree on the mistake of placing our partisan positions above the supreme interest of the nation.

I wish we would accept each other at the political table, as we do every Thanksgiving Day when we share the same dishes regardless of our party colors.

Some may say that our differences are a blessing and an indispensable condition for the consolidation of our democratic values.

I do not disagree with this opinion, but I, like most Americans, believe that the goal of the dispute is higher than the base itself, as it does not make sense to deny all the achievements of our predecessor just because he or she does not share our party affiliation.

Because in this situation, the party will turn in our daily life into a shovel of demolition instead of a mechanism for building and political education. It does not mean that our political color turns into a faith that is stronger than the meaning and symbolism of the roof that unites us. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

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